Ansem's Newsletter: Q 1 2022 (Crypto/DeFi)

Link for his latest longpiece: Headline: Q 1 2022 Subheadline: “always keep a few gems in your pocket”

Hello! To my fellow degenerates and other readers who have somehow stumbled their way onto this page, I’m going to try to synthesize all of my thoughts for the first quarter and I guess partially the next year here. This is my second time writing something long-er form like this, so bear (haha) with me, hopefully it’s more coherent than the hundreds of loosely strewn together tweets that come from my account every day.

2021 was a clearly a breakthrough year for crypto assets, from institutional acceptance to retail adoption, crypto has far surpassed any other period in its’ history. Crypto assets have experienced strong two year bull run, propelled in part by the FED’s dovishness fueling market participants’ appetite for risk, in conjunction with the rapid innovation of web3 protocols. It has been astounding how prevalent crypto has been in society this cycle, outside of the typical news blerbs that shout “look at this token that’s up one thousand percent!”: Visa has bought a punk, Adidas bought a Bored Ape, many TradFi firms like Jump have acknowledged crypto’s longterm legitimacy, bought the Staples Center and FTX bought the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Area, crypto funds consistently raise billions it seems like every other week, Facebook changed its’ name to Meta, and stablecoin legislation is front and center in the minds of congress. Crypto has effectively fast-tracked its’ way into the forefront of the public’s conscience and this time not in a negative way, and that isn’t going away any time soon.

Although it is a given that crypto markets will still experience parabolic boom & bust cycles because of this industry’s nascency, from my point of view I see many Fortune 500 companies attempting to position themselves to benefit from this new metaverse and there is no other way to do so genuinely without supporting these existing decentralized protocols. If this continues to be the case, it’s likely that crypto becomes much more tightly woven into traditional markets. As this develops, crypto assets should transition into a slower growth trajectory with various sectors outperforming at different times alike the stock market, which is a trend we have already seen starting to begin in the past couple years.

Note: this guy has a large following on Twitter by us crypto and defi hounds. I am new to him. My friend who knows crypto better than I, turned me on to Ansem. You can find Ansem on Twitter @blknoiz06

Great name which I read as “Block Noise 06”, which is a main reason I use Twitter. When I block someone, they can no longer read my posts and I don’t know they exist any longer.

To see this one other crypto/defit I follow, I wrote a short retweet of Ansem’s latest substack post on Twitter.

Lock in both of those handles, when interested in crypto/defi. Follow these two and you will meet others who see “it’s happening” and how all businesses - it seems - are ripe to be overturned by the crypto/defit/web 3.0 revolution and evolution. And no, there will be no giant corporations such as $FB or $AMZN calling the shots with billionaires making a vig off your information. Tune in, turn off the noise, and educate yourself like never before in 2022 about what is going on out of sight.

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