Banned word list

It would appear that just like the old TMF boards, these new boards have a banned word list.

One of those words is “*****”. Well, I can’t use it, because it’s banned. Let’s see. How about this: Its the hardware item you drive into something soft. Wait, not that one - that’s a different banned word. It’s why you need a screwdriver. Wait again. The reason you need a screwdriver might be the TMF banned word list. I think I’ve got it. “Threaded fastener”. It starts with scr and ends with ew. (And no, spell checker, I didn’t misspell a female sheep.)

Is there any chance of getting a bit more nuance to the banned words?



I thought maybe you were referring to my scrofulous nephew.



Very nice. :wink: The high brow version of what begins with f, ends in uck and means a lot of excitement - fire truck. (And is a word for which I have a hard time finding a non-ban worthy use.) You forced me to the dictionary for that one.



Well played. I have spent part of my early retirement reading British murder mysteries from the 1930-80 era and need to look up words that I haven’t seen since I took the SAT tests half a century ago. I still write on a grade school level but my recognition vocabularies is improving.

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The recommendation for Paramount Resources list the ticker as POU but I can’t locate in my Schwab account. What am I doing wrong

Try looking it up by name.
It trades as POU on the Toronto stock exchange (POU.TO at your broker probably).
PRMRF on the pink sheets here in the US.

Also, you are posting on the free section of TMF.
Better asked on the Paid Service section.

But this might not a wise choice for you if you can’t figure that stuff out…

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Nope, no chance. Because it’s not doing it contextually, it is simply matching sequences of characters. It can’t tell the difference between “***** you!” and “I need a 5/32 1 1/4 inch long *****”.

No excrement! I thought the Fool was all knowing and all mighty. Wonders will never cease.

Actually, the new system can…the old one couldn’t. So, it’s a work in progress to put in the phrases that are banned vs just the words.

So, you can now tighten a screw but you can’t use the phrase you used.

Thanks for bringing it up Peter.


Great! Thank you. I can now also talk about Archimedes’ screw as well.

I wonder, though, if those who attended the barkeeping school, Screwdriver University, commonly known as Screw U, can talk about their alma mater. :wink: I guess I’ll know as soon as I click reply.