Barrons on the Q

May require a subscription. Speculating on buybacks and adding to Apple position.…

Whether Berkshire added to its huge stake in Apple AAPL +3.28% (AAPL) during the period will receive lots of attention, too. Berkshire, headed by Buffett, bought about three million shares of the iPhone maker in the first quarter when the stock dipped into the $150s. The stock traded as low as $130 in the second quarter, which gave Buffett a potential opportunity to add to Berkshire’s largest equity investment.

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Further excerpt:

“The drop in the equity portfolio probably also meant a decline in Berkshire’s shareholder equity, or book value, in the second quarter. Edward Jones analyst James Shanahan estimates Berkshire’s book on June 30 was at about $316,500, down 8% from around $345,000 on March 31. Book value, however, likely has risen lately with the stock market rally in July; Shanahan estimates book value will be at about $342,000 on Sept. 30 based on the recent value of the equity portfolio.“

I suspect and hope Warren was relatively busy allocating in Q2!