Barron's: $TSLA Issues Piling Up

I’m thinking $TSLA at $500 might be a good place to go long for a trade . . . if we drop that low.…

News of inflation for raw materials shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. The price of a basket of metals, including cobalt and nickel, that go into making EV batteries, for instance, is up roughly 70% year to date. Those prices are available to anyone who chooses to look.

Still, the comment from Musk is making investors think about the potential impact on 2022 profit margins. Tesla stock was down 1.1% in premarket trading Monday, while futures on the S&P 500 futures were up 0.3%. Given that futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average had slipped 0.1% and Nasdaq Composite futures were off 0.3%, the move in Tesla stock isn’t too surprising.

But Tesla shares fell more than 5% on Friday, finishing the week down 5.1%. That drop after reports that Tesla was struggling to scale up the production of its new 4680 battery cells, with a diameter of 46 millimeters and a length of 80 millimeters, that will replace cells with a diameter of 21 and a length of 70.

p.s. My end of day charts for $TSLA

p.p.s. Just read on Twitter that Tesla has raised prices on all four models in the USA, and, for the second time in five days, has raised prices in China.

Also, if you ordered a Model Y and you didn’t order it with the $12,500 Full Service Drive software, you can expect your wait to extend by months.

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