Bbg: $NET Finally Blocks KiwiFarms Hate Site

It’s way beyond time for this to have happened, but better late than never.

Bloomberg headline: Cloudflare Blocks Site Linked to Hate After Weeks of Pressure

:pushpin: Kiwi Farms has been tied to multiple doxxing attacks

:pushpin: Rhetoric, ‘specific, targeted threats’ grew in last 48 hours

Over the last decade, Kiwi Farms has been tied to multiple doxxing attacks, in which a person’s private, personal information is published online, or “swatting,” where anonymous attackers use that private information to send police or SWAT teams to a targeted person’s home.

At least two people who died by suicide have been targeted by Kiwi Farms users, according to messages from the victims themselves or friends cited in news reports. Kiwi Farms has also hosted posts that include manifestos from extremist mass shooters.

In a statement Saturday, Clara Sorrenti, who has been leading the charge to force Cloudflare to terminate services for Kiwi Farms, said the move “deals a big blow to Kiwi Farms and their community.” If the site ever becomes active again, the campaign must “continue fighting” and pressure other companies that provide services to it, she said.

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