Be careful what you send out into the universe

It may come back to baffle your descendants.


Is anybody else reading the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells?

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Every one except the most recent ‘System Collapse’.

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System Collapse is great. If it has been a while since you read ‘Network Effect,’ you might want to reread it. I would have missed a lot if I hadn’t done that.

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Thread hijack because of this awesome 90 second video.

KARMA: Starts slow, ends fast.


Here in Shiny-land, that situation would resolve as a gunfight, with either the excavator guy, or the car guys, bleeding out in the snow.


The car guys lose. When the excavator operator sees the car guys have guns, he just crushes the car–with the shooters inside (if they are not smart OR quick enough to get out FAST).