Beam Global Investor Call Notes

Here’s a list of customers. That’s not quite up to date since they just got orders from the UK Ministry of Defense last month, (which I posted) but I’m sure they’re all totally wrong. Even NASA. I mean, can’t they do math?

The US Army, Navy, and Marines are all customers as well as the DoD, DoE, DHS, DoT, NSA and many, many others national, state, and local agencies as well as entire states and cities. They have headquarters in San Diego, are building out a Chicago facility and have the new property in Serbia. As you would learn if you watched the tour of that new facility, that acquisition came with their customer list, including many current customers in Europe and Africa.

Don’t mean to be snarky, but I’m sorry this older thread was resurrected instead of the one I posted today, or any of the news from them I’ve posted more recently. Every time I go to link something for a question someone has asked, I’m asked by the interface whether I really want to post what I just linked, since I’ve posted it before.

As Saul said, earlier up in this same thread:

Sorry, but it seems to me that a lot of the criticism of this company comes from not having taken the trouble to learn anything about it.

I’m not trying to badger anyone into a position. But I’m in it, as is @SaulR80683 , @wpr101, and maybe others, so–since I’m the one who introduced it, I figured it was appropriate to post news of the company, which is a pretty steady stream. When I post, I try to do a thorough job of linking to relevant information/videos/press releases that answer questions people have.

If those things don’t lead you to take a position, all well and good. We all have sectors and companies and whatever that we don’t like or we simply don’t believe the CEO/Company can do what they say.

Likewise, if you don’t have time to read through a post and follow the links, no one is cracking that whip either.

But please don’t slam a company mentioned on a thread from the middle of last month and ignore my long post introducing it from the end of January, or the eight times I’ve posted about it since this February 15 thread, including earlier today. That post included a link to a podcast that specifically addressed the speed of charging and storage capacity issues.

Beam Global is a tiny company. It has significant risks. It won’t be for everyone. I have done my best to provide links so that people who want to can “do your own due diligence.” I don’t have the answer to every question, but I have done my best to link to others who at least take a stab at it.

Sorry if I sound testy. I’m remembering my English teacher mother who would sigh over book reports where the student had obviously not read the book.