Beaming Electricity Wirelessly

A new technology that could make big differences when fully developed. Imagine no more power lines downed by storms or falling trees. No more fires from falling wires.

Seems almost too good to be true, but much potential if it proves true.


Wireless power transmission was a dream of Nikola Tesla.

I hope that the new technology succeeds.


It is too good to be true. You can tell because they never mention how many amps, volts or watts they can transmit. High power lines send power around at 500K to 1M volts and 1K to 4K amps. They talked about turning on a radio from 25 feet away. What is that? 5 watts? (5v at 1 amp)

And they say it is “safe” because they detect objects and switch off or route around people.

Of course the Dept of Defense is interested. It is a power transmitter AND a weapon.



Another important parameter is the frequency of the electromagnetic waves. I would think probably something in the microwave spectrum, but that is just a guess. The article does mention something about cell phone radiation limits, but the more watts that are transmitted, the more EM radiation people will be exposed to.

People have talked about space satellite solar power collectors that could beam the energy down to the ground, for people to use as electricity. Maybe this could have some application toward that idea.

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Anyone notice that SunShine is wireless? :upside_down_face:

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Beaming Electricity Wirelessly

Back when the earth was young, iirc, it was my 8th or 9th grade science class, where the teacher did a demonstration: plugged in a transformer with something like a 22,000 volt output, terminating in a steel bolt at the top. He then held up a fluorescent light tube maybe three feet from the bolt, and the tube lit. I don’t recall him going into what the power loss was, between the 120v mains power outlet, and what finally got to that light tube.



"He then held up a fluorescent light tube maybe three feet from the bolt, and the tube lit. "

trying to remember my electronics theory, the transformer would be outputting a varying magnetic field into the air, and this magnetic field would cut across the windings of the coil(ballast) in the fluorescent lamp, causing the gas in the lamp to be ionized and light to shine ( or something like that,lol).
Still not sure how electrical circuits without a coil or transformer in them are going to be powered across air ( no physical connections ), but I haven’t been keeping up with it.

Aw shucks - electrician joke? :slight_smile:

Inverse square law anyone?



He didn’t hold up an entire light fixture, where the ballast is located. He held up a bare tube. Apparently there were enough electrons coming off of the bolt at the top of the transformer to excite the vapor atoms in the tube.


Sounds like the energy transmission in Nnedi Okorafor’s sci-fi book Noor.

Q: Are there any YouTube videos showing this phenomenon?
A: Of course there are YouTube videos showing this phenomenon. Several videos.

(About 2 minutes long)

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Joe, as a teenager, I and three guys took 8 new 4ft. tubes of lighting out to a area below the biggest power lines in Richmond, VA.

We performed a wild dance where all 8 tubes, about 50 yards from the lowest power line, lit up and flooded that field with light. They stayed lit while we moved laterally from the lines about a good 10-20 yards.

I imagine this might be harder today with the change from gas/tungsten to LED.


I started flipping tot he LED ‘tubes’ as soon as various fluorescent tubes failed, I had used a bunch of fixtures from Telco tearouts in my shop and garage, saving them from the scrapper… Costco has carried pair of tubes, so I’d pick some up on most trips, but I found I really didn’t need all the fixtures lit up any more, maybe a third, if that… So I have a spare if needed, but need to go remove all the dead tubs so this circuits are just opens, no current flow… Could remove the ballasts, but that is more work than it’s worth. Disposing of a bunch of dead tubes is a pain, local hardware guys take them, hazmat days at the dumps, maybe…

Anyway, much better light, less current! LEDs Rock!