Bear vs Bull Markets

Need to clarify that no copyright infringement intended and I thank the University of Idaho site where I found this link.

I know we are all going through a difficult, uncomfortable cycle of investing but we need to sit back and think big picture. The attached graph shows Bear vs Bull markets, when they began, how long they lasted etc. It only goes to 2018 so the current cycle we are in will probably be included in the next graph.

Historically tech companies have always dropped in share price more then let’s say as an example, energy stocks, or defense stocks, that are currently in favor during a this downturn, but when the market comes back they end up usually outperforming the traditional value stock by a significant margin. We saw that happen after the Dot Com and Mortgage/financial crashes.

I basically have two portfolios, one of Saul type investing, the other more conservative. Both have been hit hard during the downturn. I also have about 3 years cash on hand so I can sleep at night. But in the end I believe stocks, like DDOG, NET, CRWD, BILL, S, ZS, SNOW, MNDY and even a little UPST, have the potential to offer me solid returns over the next 5 years. The SAAS model is unique and I think we have only seen the beginning of something that will change technology as we see it today.…