Very interesting Chart - Historic Bull vs Bear

Hey Folks,

I know this is probably off-topic but given the likely fear out there, this chart I ran across may help a bit. It is S&P 500, not growth, but it is really a great view. Look how short the bear markets were historically and how great the bull market returns were vs bear market losses. Shows why you should just stay invested. I am going to make the leap that this applies to growth stocks also in probably a more extreme way.…



I agree, and please “DON’T REPLY TO MY MESSAGE!”

I haven’t seen any change in AYX, OKTA, TWLO, or ZS, that would make me want to sell out and run away.

I still want to invest in Saas stocks, but remember Saul’s, and many other’s advice: only use money in the market that you won’t need for the next 2 years.

When investors get scared, and/or start to be gleeful when our stocks decline, just remember that we are long-term investors. We are investing in great companies that will in the long run return some profit.