Bechtel-Built Cutlass Solar 2 Generates Energy at Full Capacity

The Bechtel-built Cutlass Solar 2 project in Fort Bend, Texas, is complete and generating electricity at full capacity for the first time, sending enough clean, renewable energy to the grid to power 40,000 homes—a milestone that comes ahead of the 13-month delivery schedule.

The 218 Megawatt (MW) solar facility delivered for Sabanci Climate Technologies comprises almost half a million solar panels spanning 1,100 acres.

  • The project will save an estimated 600,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  • Cutlass Solar 2 is the second solar facility in Texas built by Bechtel, which completed the neighboring Cutlass Solar 1 plant in January 2023.
  • In total, Cutlass Solar 1 and Cutlass Solar 2 will power more than 60,000 homes across Texas.