Helping Sicona Battery Technologies plan the construction of an electric vehicle battery component manufacturing site in the U.S

28 February 2023 - Bechtel was awarded a contract by Sicona Battery Technologies to perform an engineering study for a U.S. manufacturing plant that will produce the cutting-edge battery anode components needed for electric vehicles.

“Bechtel will help Sicona deliver a long-lasting positive impact on the electric vehicle revolution,” said Catherine Hunt Ryan, President of Manufacturing & Technology at Bechtel. “Making batteries is a complex process. Bechtel is a trusted partner to deliver capital programs so that our customers can focus on evolving and deploying their technology.”

As part of the new work, Bechtel will assess what is needed to plan the construction of a battery component manufacturing plant – optimizing manufacturing area designs, design requirements, utilities, equipment, materials, and developing a project cost estimate.

“Due to significant interest in our materials from North American automotive companies, we are focusing our efforts on building Sicona’s first commercial-scale manufacturing plant in the United States,” said Christiaan Jordaan, CEO and founder of Sicona. “We are excited to work with Bechtel to make our first U.S. plant a reality.”

“Bechtel’s customers build technologies across the electric vehicle value chain,” said Justin Britt, General Manager for Electric Vehicles at Bechtel. “We are proud to help customers pursue new infrastructure for electrifying transportation, from material processing and battery manufacturing to recycling and electric vehicle charging stations.”