Belarus next? Travel warning

Putin may make a point here. He may also take pawns in the form of Americans in Belarus.

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It wasn’t that long ago, that Belarus authorities forced down a civilian airliner, so they could get their hands on one of the passengers. Could anyone think Belarus is “safe”, especially for anyone from a country that is on the other side of the conflict from Putin?

The ability of USians to think “it won’t happen to me” amazes me. How many USians, and others, went swaning about in Syria, during a civil war, or Iran, or do something massively stupid, in Russia? Then start whining for the US to bail them out.

There is a possibility that the Russians are right about Paul Whelan. His background is plenty sketchy. But the metro Detroit media whines about him endlessly. He’s a USian, therefore, he is innocent, says the media.



Yep administrations do not even want him back. He will kill them in the press later if he was dirty.

Everyone plays nice till they get through the door. Then you find out.

The Marines gave him a court martial, for being a thief, and a “bad conduct” discharge. Most of the law enforcement experience he put on his resume is fake. He had passports from three countries, and worked as an “international security consultant”. It is not beyond the realm of possibility he was spying, either on the Russian government, or a company run by a friend of Putin.

As for the idiot basketball player, what was she thinking, carrying a controlled substance into Russia?


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Yes, Whelan was booted out of the Marines for some kind of financial fraud.

{{ Paul Whelan was discharged from the Marines for bad conduct in 2008 after being convicted of larceny . The specific charges against him included attempting to steal more than $10,000 in 2006 in Iraq and using a false Social Security number to create a false account on a government computer system to grade his own examinations. }}

Of course, that’s small potatoes in comparison to the corporate and private equity fraud we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re still looking for that $6 Billion worth of shrink-wapped pallets of $100 bills that went missing.

Missing $6.6billion sent by George W. Bush in aid to Iraq ‘may have been stolen’ | Daily Mail Online



She is a kid who started a few years ago in Russia in a very different time. She did not change with the times. I thought I heard it was medical? Does not mean much or it might. I am not a believer in that as medicine but I do not claim to know. I have met a 22 year old tall blonde who was an absolute stunner but literally psychotic without it. Odd as heck to me but okay. She was a very nice kid.

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Griner was a well-paid pro basketball player, going to play for a team in Russia–as she had done previously. She had a legitimate prescription for the drugs but that was ignored. Not much one can do when the politicians/legal system choose to ignore doctors. Sound familiar?