Berkshire no better than the S&P with

Both Tesla’s revenue and gross margins are growing exponentially.

Gross margins are growing exponentially? Wow!!! That must be the first ever occurrence of its kind. Even Google and Apple cannot claim to have done that.


Yup. Growing exponentially. Ypu know the old “S” curve?

Lol… just look these things up…

Constantly posting about Tesla on the BRK board despite requests not to do so tells me that some holders of Tesla stock are as annoying and childish as their false god. Thankfully, there IS a frowny face to use, but it still is pathetic.


Start and endpoints matter a great deal.

Not really. How an outperformance 20 years ago matters today? What really should matter is recent performance as a guide and your own evaluation of the future.

Saying Berkshire did great 22 years ago is of no use to current holders.


“ The constant threads about BRK vs. S&P500 misses the larger point IMHO. I think both will be fine over the next 10 years and I really don’t know which performs better. My guess is that they will be very close.

I think everyone should invest in what they are most comfortable with because then they are most likely to stay invested for the long haul. I am much more comfortable with BRK , I like being associated with BRK as an owner, I admire and respect the ethos of the company and its owner oriented management. So that’s the answer for me but it is not because I think BRK will blow away the S&P 500 index.”

If you really believe this then you are investing emotionally rather than rationally. You should be investing in the S&P if only to reduce your concentration risk.

Saying Berkshire did great 22 years ago is of no use to current holders.

But is has a value of it’s own: Showing how childish it is to use the last 20 years as “proof” for the opposite — which also is of no use to current holders.

P.S.: I fully understand the 22 years argument as that was when I first (and big) got into Berkshire :wink:


Why have company-specific risk buying mature business that isn’t growing a whole lot faster than the economy, if at all?

Why hang around and pester folks on a board for a stock that you are way too smart to own? Bye & Good luck!


Under investment in R&D with no new models as competitors roll out new EVs daily while the 3 Tesla’s become ever more dated

OK so you have a business where you are expanding your production by 50% per year, but you still have a waiting list, and in fact despite price rises on your part and increased production, your waiting list often gets LONGER rather than shorter.

And you think they should shut down some of their capacity while they retool for a new model???

Perhaps you don’t understand the point of doing a business?

Hint: lots of models is what you do when you can’t sell as many of your favorite models as you build. Its a way to at least make some money from your gigantic investment in factory.


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