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November was an action-filled month at Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) AWS. The company held its re:Invent user group meeting in Las Vegas and used that forum to announce a whole spate of new service announcements. The company announced a series of price reductions which took effect at the start of the month - sort of a premature Christmas for most of its users. And perhaps of most importance to some observers and stakeholders, AWS announced its ambitions to “move up the stack” and there were, what some might feel to be, indications that Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) could be the favored partner in that dance.

For some companies that might be enough activity for a year. At AWS, it all took place within a month, which I propose to review. I’m not going to review Amazon Go. Others have done so and have been impressed with the concept.

To be concise and upfront, I recommend that readers add to or establish positions in Amazon. I’m happy to have the debate about the value and future of the company’s e-commerce operation, but this article is going to stick to looking at recent happenings at AWS. I have recommended Amazon shares since I first wrote about them on this site back at the start of April. The shares are up 27% since back then compared to a 9% gain for the tech software index. The shares have dropped about 10% since the high they made before Q3 earnings were released. That drop, I believe, offers investors a decent entry point.

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Another article from Bert on AWS:

Bert has written at least four articles on Amazon since April and I think it’s one of his favorite stocks. In this article he’s particularly excited about Snowball Edge, which he says allows businesses to collect IoT data and move it to the Amazon cloud, which would analyze the information for actionable intelligence. He says it’s called server less computing and it should be obvious the impact it could have in the server world. He also points out that up to now Amazon had the cloud but not the applications, but that they are now partnering with Salesforce so that all of Salesforce’s applications will run interchangeably on AWS, which will make AWS even much more powerful. Read the article.

Saul, do you have any thoughts on CRM? Could it be a bolt on for Amazon? Or just a solid investment on its own. It’s been trading down a little lately.

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