Bert on OpenText (OTEX)

Since Seeking Alpha is starting to limit the amount of time these are freely available, I figured I’d post it here ASAP, prior to reading it.

OpenText: Ascending From Share Price Purgatory $OTEX


Investor Relations Page:

Latest Quarter’s Results:…

Investor Presentation:…

Earnings Transcript from IR page:…

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An EIM Company with AI in the Cloud as a platform. albeit a roll up company, this management has ten years of success under their belt. Last quarter earning grew 25%. EV/sales is 3.1. Looks like AYX, with unproven management by comparison at EV/sales of 6.2 might have some competition, maybe not with organic growth but both are really Platforms in this space correct? And what a space to be. I added a 2% position of OTEX today, looking to add more just cause Bert is long this. I really like how he looks at thing. Thanks for bring this to this board.