Better mask: 3M 7502 vs. HF-802SD

I need a better mask - something suitable for high risk activities, such as air travel. The best I have so far are the duck-bill-style N95 masks.

I’m looking at medium-sized half mask respirators with silicone (more comfortable).

I’ve read good things about the 3M 7500 series. The 3M HF-800 series offer a speaking diaphragm, which could be useful given the complaints that so many of these top quality masks muffle one’s voice. However, some people say that the speaking diaphragm is overrated and doesn’t provide that much improvement.

A factor in favor of the 7502 over the HF-802SD is the availability of filter cartridges. It seems that the HF-800 series of respirators isn’t that widely used, so it’s harder to find a place to buy the filter cartridges. The 7500 series is more popular, so it’s easier to find a place to buy the filter cartridges.

What do you think?

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Hi, Your reasoning about the 7500 series makes sense as finding replacement cartridges is important.

During the height of the pandemic a couple friends of mine got these space age looking “helmets” to wear on planes and they worked well. One positive is that they protect your eyes which are an access route:

The version 3.O will be out in a few months.

I bought one as a gift for a friend that has bad allergies and has a lot of weed wacking to do in her yard every year.

An interesting fashion statement too!

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Thanx, I will be watching for the version 3.

david fb
(I do not believe in getting sick only because staying healthy requires looking a little goofy.)

Maybe with this device/helmet, you wouldn’t anymore? :wink:


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Unforutnately, the AIR2 product is no longer available, and the AIR3 product isn’t available yet.