Betting odds on recovery of Titantic submersible

Experts now give it a less than a 1% chance for recovery (the vessel that is, crew already written-off.)

Other interesting facts:

  1. The submersibles’s bathroom is larger than those on many executive jets.

  2. Among the “highly trained crew” is the teenage son of Pakistan’s wealthiest billionaire.

  3. Three US Air Force C-17s have landed at St. John’s, NF with the US Navy’s deep rescue vessel and support equipment.

  4. And fittingly, the pilot of the vessel is company CEO Stockton Rush, the “job creator” himself.

This is starting to look suspiciously like a case of “people with more money than brains.”


I’ll wager there is a 0% chance the crew will be found alive, despite the number of Job Creators aboard.


He saved the cost of hiring a pilot by doing the job himself. Wonder if he planned to have his hand out for tips at the end of the trip too?



I am relieved for him that he is on board. Might be easier for him.

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Easier if the hull catastrophically imploded maybe. Otherwise it is a slow death from hypoxia and hypothermia.

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Trapped in a cold, dark orb at the bottom of the ocean? I would die of fright first.


Would the OceanGate CFO consider the Titan to be a sunk cost?


Very cute, but might be under the heading of “too soon.”


What would our childhoods be without this…

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Speaking of “too soon”:

The internet has no bounds.


I am “saying a little prayer” for those inside the micro-sub.

They that go down to the sea in ships,
and occupy their business in great waters;
These men see the works of the Lord,
and his wonders in the deep.
For at his word the stormy wind ariseth,
which lifteth up the waves thereof.

BUT, I find it disgraceful and utterly telling that there are thousands around the planet who have long struggled in difficult circumstance merely to survive and yet are at this moment, today, this hour, dying, receiving no notice nor care while huge resources are being spent to rescue a set of wealthy people who knowingly took a wild risk.

I do not blame that wealthy vacationing 5 about to die for the revolting public spectacle circumstance of the press and world reacting like Pavlovian dogs chasing advertising revenues and twisted glory. I blame the ever more idiotic echo chamber and our debased culture. Barf.

David fb
(who in his younger days did water lifeguard rescues of multiple people and led search and rescues of beleaguered lost mountaineers and children, and himself loved going on dangerous expeditions…)


They’re alive.

There was a guy on CNN a while ago who knew two of the professionals aboard the sub. He said that the “tapping sound” that was detected last night followed the submariners protocol for “3 minutes of tapping followed by 27 minutes of silence” with the sequence repeated on the hour and half hour. That indicates someone is alive, but it will take a while to pinpoint the location – time they don’t have. A US Navy captain from the diving service said it would take a minimum of 4 or 5 hours to rig up any kind of rescue and winch the sub to the surface once the location is known. They’re supposed to be out of air by 8 AM Eastern Time Thursday, so I guess if they can’t pinpoint the location in the next 6 hours, they’re out of luck.



They can bring them up with something of the bends? Maybe 4 hours of bringing them up?

I don’t think so. The Navy’s submarine rescue service can’t operate below 2,000 ft depth. Titanic is 13,000 ft. Also the door to the submersible is bolted closed from the outside. You’d be trying to open it against the immense pressure of the 13,000 ft water column.


Wasn’t saying that.

There is at least one sub that can go down 13k ft in the area. The issue is how fast the sub can be pulled to the surface. That is different.

Attaching a cable and winching the sub to the surface is a minimum 4 to 5 hour job if everything goes well. They’d use some kind of unmanned robot submersible to attach the cable.


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“I alone can fix this”
Donald Trump


Lock two 50-lb weights to his ankles and drop him overboard with a steel cable. ONE problem solved…


It looks like it imploded so it would have been quick for those on board:

I’ll light a candle