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The maker of the lost Titanic submersible previously said "innovation" was the reason why the vessel wasn't classed, a standard practice to make sure seafaring vessels are up to standards.
In a 2019 interview, OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush [complained that regulations were stifling progress] in his industry.

And a little history, for those who are doomed to repeat it:

One story notes that even if the submersible were to pop back up to the surface it wouldn’t do the occupants any good. The top is bolted down from the outside and cannot be opened from within. So it’s conceivable they’ll die down below but it’s also conceivable they’ll be on the surface somewhere and die of asphyxiation because they can’t get air into the cockpit. Terrific engineering. Glad we didn’t have to have any of those dreaded safety experts weigh in.


My guess is that the passengers all forgot to ask if it was a round trip ticket… :frowning:


Matter of some 30 hours left. The search area is the size of Connecticut. More search aid is coming.

A CBS News correspondent took the trip last year. The legal disclaimer you had to sign mentioned “death” 3 times on the first page.

No matter the eventual disposition of the 5 man crew, at least the capitalists among us can take comfort in the fact that the “job creators” who promoted this misadventure will likely escape any liability.



Reading the spec sheet, it doesn’t sound like there is an emergency ascent system, they have two vertical thrusters.

If they lost control of the propulsion system, the crew is definitely dead at this point. Hypothermia most likely.

Reportedly, a company employee was fired in 2018, for questioning the safety of the sub.

Typical JC behavior, when not crying about “big gummit regulation”: demand everyone sing the company song, and tell management what it wants to hear. Anyone not toeing the line is tossed. Bruce Ismay would be proud.

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Ask a lawyer…I do not know…

But that death waiver sounds like a prenup. It wont hold up in a courtroom.

We need a better opinion than mine.