bewildered heirs

Curious what instructions you have for your spouse after you pass away

I made a list of my 50-something stocks and indicated… sell upon death (about 1/3), sell in due time as needed (about 1/3) and hold longest term until needed (about 1/3). It wasn’t hard to figure out which companies fit into which category. It’s a diversified portfolio of good to great companies honed over the last 10 years.

For a very concentrated portfolio of uber growth stocks like here, that’s another ballgame. I would probably indicated to sell everything within a year or so, and with some timing involved. There simply isn’t a good answer for where to put that money for someone with no investing prowess or experience. Probably cash and CDs for such an heir, and be grateful for the uber gains.



I’m in the process of trying to teach my wife and kids how to invest Foolishly.

I can’t quite teach them Saul’s method yet, since I don’t have a full grasp on it myself.

The biggest struggle I’m having is getting them interested. I thrive on information, research, and numbers. I love digging into a company and understanding who and what it is I’m investing in.

My wife and kids would rather read books or watch TV.

I may well have to adopt a “Sell everything and stick the money into an index fund!” approach.



I may well have to adopt a “Sell everything and stick the money into an index fund!” approach.

I have similar instructions for my wife if something happens to me. If I can get our balance up high enough before such an event happens that will be a perfectly fine thing to do. Especially since she is 8 years younger, and would have more time for the balance to climb than I do. I’m 51. If I kick the bucket at 65 she will still have 6-8 more years before she can draw on retirement funds. Hopefully I’ve done my job and relatively safe investing will be more than sufficient for her.

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