Bi-directional charging

No one answered this so I will.
The answer is yes. The Tesla app has a roadside assistance feature.
You tap on it and it gives you these options:

  • Flat tire
  • Drivability concern
  • Charging
  • Other

The next level down has more specific options, such as under charging

  • ran out of range
  • will not charge
  • cable will not release

I had a flat tire and someone texted me back in less than a minute. It was after hours (6:10pm) by 10 minutes and they said they would have sent a tech right away if it was earlier. So instead they sent a contractor (was AAA truck) with a loaner tire in about 30 minutes. Since they knew my car they automatically picked the proper tire and they confirmed my GPS location.

After I exited out of the roadside assistance the app brought up a support page.
Things like flat tires or needing a tow due to breakdown are covered for free (up to 500 miles from a service center, 50 miles for flat). Out of charge is handled (tow or some mobile charger) but is not free.

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Thank you, Mike.


Hopefully the chargers will be functioning.


Tesla does regular maintenance, not just repairs after failure. They also tend to have many charging stations at each location that are separated into modules of 4 chargers each so some failure doesn’t bring all chargers down.
This last summer I was on a ~3600 mile road trip and at one stop in Idaho one of the two groups of 4 chargers were offline. Only 1 other car was there and he was parked blocking the 4 offline chargers. He was a Tesla tech just doing cleaning and inspections of the control units.
He said as soon as I was done charging he’d switch and inspect/clean the other panel.
He had a battery powered leaf blower to clean out the panels!



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