BI: $TSLA Layoffs Affecting Newly Hired

Business Insider headline: Tesla is laying off workers who only just started and withdrawing employment offers as Elon Musk’s job cuts begin…

:pushpin: Tesla has laid off workers who only started at the company months or even weeks ago.

:pushpin: An intern had his full-time offer rescinded, while a recruiter was let go after just two weeks.

:pushpin: One employee told Insider they thought their position as manager made them “safe.”

A senior employee who had only started earlier this year told Insider: “I was very shocked when I was told that I was being let go. Being a manager, I was under the impression that my position was safe.”

Asked how Tesla had decided which roles to cut, he said: “They said that layoffs were based on performance reviews but that is not true in my opinion because I had only been at Tesla for a few months and had yet to have performance goals set or a performance review. I asked what metrics they used and they refused to tell me.”

“The process definitely was not fair because I was never given the team that I requested.”