Tesla to Lay Off 10% of Its Workforce

I am sure there are some redundancies in support staff that need to be reduced. But 2 top Tesla people have resigned.

Senior Vice President Drew Baglino, who was responsible for engineering and technology development for Tesla’s batteries, motors, and energy products.

Rohan Patel, Tesla’s vice president of public policy and business development, has also reportedly left the company.

No indication of where Assembly factory workers will be shed.

Perhaps Elon is now following the Jack Welch policy of firing the poorest performing employees every year?

Meanwhile I await further developments on this story.



Cost cutting is a logical response to declining profits.

In manufacturing, it probably is most determined by which models are selling best and where.

Yes, you can trim overhead expenses–especially research and engineering. And you might suspect manufacturing expansion will be slowed or stopped until markets settle down.

Will still need green transportation. Will Tesla build a hybrid?