Big Investor Finally Grows A Pair: Big Tesla $TSLA Shareholder Mounts a Rebellion Against Elon Musk

The more the stock of the manufacturer of electric vehicles tumbles, the more the attacks of these individual shareholders redouble and become violent.

There is one that stands out: it is Leo KoGuan, a Chinese American investor. KoGuan claims to be Tesla’s third largest retail shareholder after Musk himself and Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle (ORCL) - Get Free Report.

In recent days, KoGuan has been attacking Musk on a daily basis. He went, as he says himself, from a fan boy of the Techno king, Musk’s title at Tesla (TSLA) - Get Free Report, to the No. 1 opponent of the CEO. He no longer hesitates to accuse Musk of wanting to destroy the value created at Tesla.

Small Shareholders crying on Twitter receive constant ridicule from other longs with more money who call the “newly wiped out” traitors.

Those holding to the bitter end and who are selling cars, homes, everything, to avoid margin calls are called out on Bagholder Quotes (and there are many of these poor people led astray by Musk and his punchbowl who deserve this derision after numerous warnings from the $TSLAQ and now $TSLA analysts on Twitter warned them repeatedly.) I don’t wish them losses. I wish them to WTFU and leave their cult aspirations behind.

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It’s not just Tesla’s lost fanbois, but these vignettes of lost Millennials we see all the time in examples from @GuyDealership (follow this guy on Twitter and you’ll be rewarded with his informative posts on used/new car buying.)

Meanwhile, back at the Pulpit of Nosense in Twitter HQ - which by all reports smells like an outhouse at a rock concert - Musk responds to this grifter who superglued his lips his Lord’s glutes:

In Ricmond, VA we once had this Used Car Sales Lot, top of the heap on billboards and his neon sign out front of his massive lot was garishly wonderul like the long headlines here on Motley Fool.

“Mad Man Dapper Dan The Used Car Man - I Would Give Them Away But My Wife Won’t Let Me!”

Guy wore a fedora in the 50s and 60s and reminded me of a gangster with a pencil thin mustache.

Here’s that sign our grandparents used to point out to us on our bus rides from our poor white trash neighborhood. At three or four I was already a visual stimulus little guy. This sign used to fill me with joy.

Speaking of frauds, $CVNA still hauling water for Musk and not giving back to its customers. I suspect one day when the movie becomes a long TV series on AppleTV or Netflix that the collusion between the known felons in the corner $CVNA offices will be found to have bent nose relations with old Sparky. Many analysts on Twitter accuse the two companies of price fixing when inventories are at their highest ever for Teslas in the USA.

Normal $TSLA shareholders would you convey this news to those cult members I blocked on METAR that Lord Musk is sending up red flares for 2023? (Probably nothing, cough, cough.)

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Typical “fanboi” analysis reminds me of “Boiler Room,” “The Smartest Guys In the Room” and the recent 5 star TV series (3 epidsodes) of “Maddoff” on Netlfix.

I wish Jim from Berkshire Board was around to see this “analysis” shooting out of fanbois’ arses on Twitter, while Musk loves the posts and retweets them.

I am still reading Twitter because the hardest people still there defending Democracy become tougher by the day.

Twitter is a Town Square in Hell at the moment.