Bioplastics growing acceptance…

Biodegradable plastics have been around for decades. Finally they are getting some attention. PHA and PLA are the two most common. Usually made by fermentation of something like corn.

In the environment, they biodegrade. “Testing has shown products made from Danimer’s PHA can biodegrade in six months in marine environments and two years in soil, Croskrey said.” They are being used in straws and coffee stirrers.

Danimer is expanding their plant in Kentucky.

“Zion Market Research estimates the bioplastics market will surge from $10.5 billion in 2021 to some $29 billion in 2028.”

“The other primary bioplastic sold today is PLA, polylactic acid, usually produced by fermenting sugar from corn and sugar cane. One producer is Minneapolis-based NatureWorks, a joint venture by Cargill, one of the world’s largest privately-held corporations, and Thailand-based PTT Global Chemical. It is the largest PLA company in the world, capable of producing 150,000 metric tons of bioplastic pellets annually at a plant in Blair, Nebraska.”

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There is a plant in Galva, Illinois that sorts recyclables. Plastics are a large volume of their business. “Eagle Enterprises” They also have routes to pickup from individuals.

Rich (haywool)

Going back 30 years Sony used “Bioplastics” in its packing material for electronics. This material took the form of packing peanuts made from corn starch and was compostable after use.

It also carried a warning that it was not fit for human consumption.