New plastics paradigm?

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New eco-friendly plastics and polymers are being made from plants and the best plant that plastic is being made from is Hemp. Plastic from hemp can be made into pretty much anything that plastic from oil can be made from. Hemp based plastic is also biodegradable. So when it is put into a landfill, it will decompose much faster than oil based plastics, possibly with in 5 years, as opposed to 1,000 years for oil based plastics.

Hemp_Car_PartsThere are many different types of hemp plastic; from standard plastics reinforced with hemp fibers, to a 100% hemp plastic made entirely from the hemp plant. The most common type of hemp plastics are those plastics which infuse hemp fibers. The benefit of infusing hemp fibers lies in that less plastic is used (less oil, less pollution) and a more durable, biodegradable product is created.

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I just noticed yesterday that some of the plastic grocery bags say “compostable” which means bio degradable.

I used paper bags until the day it rained and my groceries landed on the sidewalk. :frowning:

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The message is always the same. We can have “clean” if we are willing to pay for it. But it won’t be free.