Black Friday Do You Know What You Want?

As you all know Black Friday was after Thanksgiving…not so fast…

This entire month is now advertised as Black Friday. I guess Black Month is too close to Black History Month for this country’s usual hang ups.

I am trying to sell my wares. No go. Even after the election.


Because with the paycheck or two in here people are spending on Black Friday. Yep they are buying HDTVs for themselves instead of Christmas presents.

Tonight I was in Barns and Noble with friends having a bite in the coffee shop. The book store sales were very very slow. Everywhere in the gift stores things are slow.

The spirit of Christmas the mouse in the house is buying himself some goodies. All others need not apply.

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Have you seen any data to support this idea?


Sure - if Creative Labs doesn’t drop their drawers enough on BF, I’m buying a second hand sound board on E-Bay to replace the Asus piece of crap I bought when I discovered my new HP Envy was nothing people should envy (I guess cheap is cheap).




Only speaking for my neck of the woods the gift stores are next to empty.

The logic is there though. The Black Friday deals are going on now. So buying your HDTV while supplies last comes first.

Been giving this thought and discussing it with my fellow artists online.

I found the culprit.

The public is seeing the discounts out there and by nature waiting to see if the discounts get deeper. They do not have to buy in the first half of November.

The retailers can not go deeper with the discounts. There are prices where it makes no sense to sell.