BLNK...Ev Charging Stations

Just came across this am. interesting company beginning stages.
Out of Miami (in Muni garages)and Whole Foods.

Thinking this through: who makes the equipment for gas stations? They all tend to look slightly different it seems to me. If you imagine a world where EV charging has displaced or at least partially displaces gas, will those gas stations own EV charging stations, or does the length of time it takes for an EV charge mandate that we need a whole new location (like Tesla charging stations) designed more for the sit & wait needed for an EV charge?

If the answer is that most gas station gear is sold by a very small handful of companies, then I think it points to a likely similar bus model for future of EV. Does Toyota and every car MFR want to be in the business of building EV charging stations? probably not. Tesla is doing it to create the market and validate the market.


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gas stations will have to change a lot, going from model of many customers with a short stay to fewer customers with a longer stay. There will be lots fewer customers , most charging is done at home
Tesla now makes most of their SC components themselves.
Forward thinking companies like Loves have already added SC to their gas pumps

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Stay away.

First, the analogy to gas stations is not appropriate. Almost all EV owners charge at home. The second most likely place to charge is at work. Then you get people on road trips. As EVs go from 75 mile range to over 200 miles of range, the need for away from home chargers goes down dramatically.

Maybe you think Blink can be the EV charger provider of choice for homeowners? Seems unlikely to me, as there are so many options and cars often come with chargers. Unless they get a VW (which has to put in lots of chargers as punishment for dieselgate) to use them exclusively, I don’t see how Blink thrives, much less survives. Heck, they did a 1:50 reverse split late last year, then issued more stock earlier this year.

Stay far away is my advice.

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personal experience, many of the older Blink chargers on roads are broken. The clear plastic over the display is fogged out in others. The design is poor, the air intake close to ground where it fills with debris.

At least for Teslas you do not need any fancy home charger , a simple RV 50 (NEMA 1450) outlet works fine.Mine cost $250, installed .