X Post: Visual Capitalist on EVs Sold in USA




Thank you, this is very helpful. I’m a little curious about why GM isn’t showing the MPGe/range numbers for the Hummer, but only a little because that’s at least 3x what I want to spend on my next BEV. As a former Leaf owner now living in a much more rural area than the Seattle 'burbs, I’ve looking at the Kona over the Bolt (size, value), even before the recent Bolt fire problems. Do any readers here have direct experiences or know of reviews of that one?

My real target, though, which I’ve wanted since the FIRST-generation Leaf (more affordable mass-production BEV) came out, is:


Finally, the long-awaited small BEV pickup. Okay, still-awaited, technically. That link has no info available on power, range, or MPGe, but there’s a great profile comparison graphic for Ford pickups. I’m kind of a sucker for vehicles that are easy to park (like my '03 Rav4) because I do that a whole lot more than I haul/tow big stuff. A small factor is that there’s a Ford dealer where I live, but not a Hyundai one. Any thoughts on that electrek column, from 10 months ago?

-n8 (long TSLA, but not their target demographic)

  • By way of background, I see hybrids as the worst of both worlds: battery replacement PLUS the complexity, cooling needs, and gooey fluids of ICE. We have a big dino-car for long trips, and if we didn’t, I’d rent one as needed, at least until the national charging-station network makes significant progress catching up. That “until” might be moot, though, as I’ll probably be too old to drive safely before that happens.