Blood Plasma as an Inflation Hedge?

With 10% inflation and the max $15,000 per annum in i-bonds, you’ll net $1,500 in income. You can get three or four times that from blood plasma donation (sales).

Surviving inflation one plasma donation at a time…

For Seal, it has meant that her 18-year teaching career alone can no longer provide for her two children, ages 15 and 12.

“I’ve applied for every government program that I can think of,” she said. “I don’t qualify for food stamps, I don’t qualify for any programs. For middle-class people like me, there are no programs.”

Then, last fall, she found a possible solution. By donating plasma — the liquid element in human blood containing vital antibodies and proteins — twice a week each week, Seal could earn between $400 to $500 per month.

Of course this is Louisiana. But if even mid-career teachers are selling blood plasma to get by, it’s the very definition of a craphole state.