Bloomberg - 50 companies to watch

Each year BusinessWeek does a forecast issue looking at sectors, politics, macroeconomics, etc. which I find interesting. (They also do a mini-recap of the previous year and pat themselves on the back for what they got right, and slap themselves around for what they got wrong … but I digress.)

Anyway, I thought the “50 companies to watch” might be of interest to readers of this board. They range from the huge (Apple) to the nearly unknown, from companies poised for success to those with, ahem, real challenges.

Brief summaries, a few vitals perhaps enough to get someone interested in something. Or not…


What a ghastly website! Unreadable. It’s designed for show, not for content. “Just the facts.”…

Denny Schlesinger


What a ghastly website!

Wow! Throwback Thursday typewriter graphics with horrible scrolling control. A great laugh but total turn off. Like picking up a Playboy magazine and seeing an 87 year old Julia Childs naked on the cover - walked away.