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Making headlines in the UK:

People i know are trying to aviod the 737 and Boeing in general

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From the article:

The findings came shortly after another report into Boeing’s safety culture by an expert panel found a “disconnect” between senior management and regular staff, as well as signs that staff were hesitant about reporting problems for fear of retaliation.

“The culture at Boeing has been toxic to trust for over a decade now,” he says.

“You can add safety steps, you can add procedures. But the fundamental issue of distrust makes those changes almost ineffective”, he claims.

Shiny management in action, creating the environment it wants.

It added that it has launched a “Speak Up” programme encouraging staff to raise issues that need to be addressed.

wrt that “speak up” program. I have told the story before of the district RS manager’s meeting, when the District Manager started talking about the “open door policy”, and a wave of derisive laffter swept the room. The DM said “don’t you believe in the open door policy?”, and was met by a chorus of “NO”, because we had all seen instances of how management reacted to someone saying something management didn’t want to hear.



I’ve flown on many 737 planes but you wouldn’t get me on one now, and I’m not the only one:

An online travel agent has seen a dramatic increase in travellers using their aircraft filter to exclude Boeing’s 737 Max flights.