Boeing gets firm order for 150 737MAX aircraft from Indian airline

… now that’s what I call contrarian thinking. {{ LOL }} What are the odds that the crew of Jack Welch-trained MBAs at Boeing fix the engineering and manufacturing problems? You can’t cost cut and stock buyback your way to aircraft safety and manufacturing excellence.


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I guess you can get apples and oranges with bananas into a fruit dish.

I was saying it was a buying opportunity only a few days ago in all likelihood.

It is not like airplane mechanics are new to the job.

A bolt or whatever on an aircraft having a problem is a huge emergency. The affected parts of the fleet were grounded and inspected…or tightened. The story is over.

India Akasa Air probably got a beautiful price on the jets. Good for them. These are valuable jets.

That seems like an ineffective way to control the population.


Yeah, we need at least one or more deaths for population control. This is not working.

Gotta try something.

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Water won’t help with this.