Downfall - The Case against Boeing

For years and years, Steve203 has explained where Boeing was headed, how it got there and why.

Thank you Steve for giving us a heads-up way ahead of time.

Bob Lefstez blogpost:…

“Downfall: The Case Against Boeing”:

But what this documentary does so well is delineate the schism that ultimately led to the crashes. Boeing merged with the fading McDonnell Douglas, which itself was the result of a merger, and ultimately the McDonnell Douglas brass ended up in control. And they had no understanding of the Boeing corporate culture, and only cared about profits. They wanted to make their bonuses!



And the beat goes on:

February 18, 2022
American Airlines plans more schedule cuts as it waits for 787 jet deliveries

In a regulatory filing, the Texas-based carrier said it now expects to receive only 10 Dreamliner planes this year, not the 13 expected earlier. The remaining jets are now scheduled for delivery next year, it said.

In the filing on Friday, American said the 787 Dreamliner jets remain an “essential” part of its fleet and that Boeing would compensate it for the delivery delays.…

I posted a week or so back that, due to Boeing’s record of substandard construction on the 78 program, the FAA will no longer let BA pencil whip it’s inspections, but, rather, the FAA will do the inspecting itself.