Boeing Production Mgr who turned whistleblower before first B737 MAX crash

… says all 737 MAX planes should be grounded and inspected. Supply chain problems in 2018-2019 caused planes to be assembled out-of-sequence and the additional inspections necessary to maintain safety and quality were denied by Jack Welch-trained MBAs. He personally would not fly on a MAX aircraft, but will fly older B737 models.



FAA gives Boeing 90 days to come up with quality control plan after 737 Max accident


Calhoun said in a statement Boeing’s leadership team was “totally committed” to addressing FAA concerns and developing the plan.

Remember when Sir Humphrey would respond to Hacker saying something was a high priority? Humphrey would say something along the lines if “I am fully seized by your plan”, then obstruct and delay, hoping that Hacker would move on to something else. That is the level of sincerity I see in Calhoun’s statement.



Well one can be confident a plan will be developed, aligning with immediate shareholder value.

I miss Sir Humphrey.

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