Boeing to move HQ to DC

… I guess the Jack Welch-trained MBAs want to move further away from the people in Seattle who know how to make airplanes.

Boeing to move headquarters to Arlington…

Boeing will relocate its headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Virginia, and establish a major research and technology hub.



Pathetic. The official word was they moved HQ from Seattle to Chicago, “to get closer to their customers” ie UAL. So now, they decide their biggest pile of loot in the future will not be from commercial sales, but by milking defense contracts? DoD must be more tolerant of cost overruns, late deliveries, and substandard performance, than the commercial airlines. They may be right, as Lockheed gets away with one cluster after another. Welcome to Shinyland.

Steve…so, if BA is walking away from the commercial sector, is Airbus traded? yup, EADSY,

Airbus shares climb after earnings top forecasts

The European plane maker reported adjusted earnings before interest and taxes–a key profitability metric–of 1.26 billion euros ($1.34 billion) for the quarter, up from EUR694 million a year earlier. The figure beat analysts’ forecasts of EUR719 million. Net profit jumped to EUR1.22 billion, beating analysts’ views of EUR460 million.…

Boeing Can’t Seem to Do What Airbus Can: Produce Drama-Free Earnings…