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I know over the past many posts there have been recommendations to read specific books. I was hoping to get a centralized thread that specifically answered the question regarding what are some of the best books to read to enhance an investor’s knowledge, whether a beginner or seasoned. I know a Peter Lynch book was recommended but can’t find which one of his three. I also found this link listing some of the best of the best…

I recall the following book being mentioned:

  1. Markets Never Forget (But People Do) - Ken Fisher

Also for the Options folks out there:

  1. McMillan on Options

Thanks for your help in creating this list. Once folks respond, I can create a master list.


I believe the book you are looking for is “One Up on Wall Street”. It is an excellent read.

Fisher’s book you mentioned is also excellent.


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The other Lynch book recommended was “Beating the Street.” I am reading both now, and learning quite a few things.

Both are very useful. The examples are out of date, but you aren’t reading them for stock market tips, more for an idea of how to look at stocks and the market.


Another book that was recently recommended was “The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing: Morningstar’s Guide to Building Wealth and Winning in the Market,” By Pat Dorsey.

I think it was Saul who recommended this along with Peter Lynch’s “One Up on Wall Street,” on a recent post?

Have just finished the former, and am now beginning the latter. Very helpful, good reading for building foundational understanding.

Thanks for the recs!

And, good idea for a thread.


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perhaps a thought for a beginner or seasoned……

Quillnpenn - in “Buying from the Scared, Selling to the Greedy”

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