BOOM: Greg Abel $68m


Presumably, Abel’s purchase was a bottom indicator for Berkshire of sorts. I guess he cannot just willy nilly buy Berkshire stock at any time because of SEC timing requirements. Still, his buying when he did gives “information” about relative value of Berkshire stock.


I agree it makes a strong statement from a Vice-Chair and the timing of purchase does not seem random near an 18 month low. I thought it would be a bit larger purchase honestly. BRK seems to be perfect position for a trust where income may not be your friend from a tax standpoint.

FYI- I was curious as to Ajit Jain’s last buy and it was Dec. 2018-found this from a CNBC note:

“Ajit Jain bought about $20 million of stock on Dec. 18, according to a regulatory filing on Thursday.

The move was in A shares, the ones that trade around $288,000 each. The filing said the purchases were done in multiple transactions at prices ranging from $295,750 to $297,000 a share.”

Board member Meryl Witmer bought $2.2M of BRK when the A shares were around $261K in May 2020.

I imagine Greg will buy more A shares over the coming quarters, especially at these depressed market prices. Always interesting to follow these real insiders and of course gives us confirmation bias that recent additions may work out pretty well beyond Jim’s recent data.


His purchases on 9/29 corresponded with B share prices of 267-269.6, right about where it was trading today. This is also where it bottomed back in June.

Good buying price I suppose, though it can certainly go lower by a significant amount if the market drops more.


Just wondering… isn’t it true that only sales of stock would be watched for insider trading?

If you buy before some big news event and then hold that purchase, then you are kk.

Also, this big purchase may indicate that Greg is concerned about WEB’s health?

I said, “may”.

Dunno… 68 million may or may not be a big purchase for Greg?

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Good morning, insiders file Form 4 for both buys and sales. Abels net worth is about 450 million, so it’s a very material buy for him. Since Buffett is 92, it’s unlikely Greg has any, new concerns, with respect to Buffetts health. Have a grand day.


A lot of people have been expecting Greg to buy heavily into BRK since his ownership of Berkshire Hathaway Energy was bought out by the company. I’d expect more buys to be coming, though at least now he has some respectable amount of skin in the game.


It’s the opposite: sales are common (often being the sale of shares acquired from employee stock options, and so that employees can diversify their portfolio), whereas purchases are almost always seen as a bullish sign.

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