BP buys $100M of Tesla chargers

British energy company BP recently announced that it will spend $100 million buying Tesla ultrafast chargers to build out its ​“bp pulse” network in the United States. It will begin installing the self-branded chargers next year at its BP and Amoco gas stations, ampm and Thorntons convenience stores, and TravelCenters of America truck stops, as well as at large ​“Gigahub” charging sites in major cities.

“Combined with our vast network of convenience and mobility sites on and off the highway, this collaboration with Tesla will bring fast and reliable charging to EV drivers when and where they need it,” Richard Bartlett, global CEO of bp pulse, said in a statement.

The deal marks the first time Tesla will sell its chargers — further cementing its dominance of the EV charging space — and is one of the largest investments by an oil and gas company into the technology in the U.S. Coupled with a federal initiative to build charging infrastructure along highway corridors, BP’s move could help reshape where drivers access public charging.


$100M equals how many chargers?

10,000 chargers @ $100,000/charger