Brace yourself: Interest rates

Why should I brace myself and panic like a bunch of headless chickens? I haven’t had any debt for a very long time and have a policy of never paying/owing interest. I may actually do my income taxes tomorrow, deadline is 2 May (2 days after I get back from Varadero) but that is only for tax payers who owe the CRA money.


What happens if you file personal taxes late?
Filing your taxes late when you have earned a refund or don’t owe any further tax will not result in any fees or penalties.…

Brace yourself: Interest rates could be headed up even faster and higher than we thought

Some economists now think Bank of Canada rate could go twice as high as it was pre-pandemic

Pete Evans · CBC News · Posted: Mar 31, 2022 4:00 AM ET


Higher interest rates increase the value of the currency. The FED is also looking to jolt things higher faster.

What does an appreciating currency mean to you?

It means fossil fuels will decrease nominally in value.

You can sell at the top or brace yourself for lows. Although we are well past the highs.

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