Called OFF but hot burner issue up next

The war in Ukraine is much more important to your money than anything else longer term because this will be never ending with Putin till he is dead or nukes are launched.

But Wall Street called off its end of the deal. The war in Ukraine turned into a yawn on Wall Street. If you did not sell into the fossil fuel premiums good luck getting them again a few years from now.

The Russian economy is small, more yawns for that.

The real problem is and will always be our FED. Buckle up in the equities market.

If the dollar appreciates oil will fall. Rising rates and all the USD will appreciate.

Only a little of anything is priced in.

Only a little of anything is priced in.

Not sure that is valid. Hard to predict what is priced in to stocks but the bond market has clearly priced in four to five interest rate increases for this year. Two-year Treas nearly doubled in yield from the beginning of this year.

Powell stated today that he expects to increase rates in March - pretty sure that is priced in - with the market up 1.5% on that and other news.