Brave (fake?) new world...

I guess this doesn’t really impact a LTBH investor, but as we enter an age of AI/algorithms and computer-generated/led trading, I am really shaking my head at how the market is being manipulated simply by headlines.

Mueller says Russia tried to elect Trump today. Not really news but only news in the sense that Mueller’s investigation is announcing it officially, I guess.

So CNBC slaps a “markets turn negative due to Mueller announcement” banner on their markets page.

I was busy eating a couple homemade burritos (tasty!) so I missed the fuss.
I check the markets…they are all only slightly positive, but they aren’t negative for sure.
Then I check my stocks…sure enough they all dipped about 20 minutes ago and then recovered.

I appreciate that CNBC exists…they kept me busy on the road in the late 90s when I traveled a lot for work, and I like the Fast Money group to get a sense of the market from time to time. But I loathe their labeling…their instantaneous labeling of any move as having been related to this or that, when often, imo, their labeling is itself feeding momentum.

How about I just see the stock of TTD, NOC, BIDU, and CGNX all move based on actual news related to those specific stocks or sectors?

That’s all just ridiculous. End of rant.…



Will anyone remember that headline a week from now? News network are in the business of making noise. Ignore!

Denny Schlesinger