Brics march on!

The India-based Megh Updates platform, one of the world’s largest online informational platforms in terms of views, has stated that BRICS countries have officially overtaken G7 in share of world PPP GDP, and that this trend can be expected to continue.


Regardless of the competitive juices that is what we want.

The reality is Russia is the least of it.

Brazil will continue to rise. That is important.

India will continue to rise.

China will have larger and larger problems.

Water in both India and China is far too problematic.

Remember the US has held itself back from 1981 to 2020. We are no longer holding ourselves back. The Europeans were also not gearing fully for manufacturing. The Mexican labor in lower value production was not brought to the fore. Things are changing.


Yes Hopefully the Mexicans will really take off. They are hard working people and deserve a better economy with more opportunity and less crime. It would be beneficial to all of us.



Probably fake news but quite funny: