The BRICS 67 in South Africa

67 world leaders have now been invited to the BRICS meeting in South Africa later this month. Interesting Macron was not invited, even though he asked to go. Are the BRICs sending a message to The West with this snub - I think so:

The Global South is on the move!

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The 90% barking at the 10%. :grinning:

The Captain


or David and Goliath :grinning:

I wish BRICS all the best of luck. It sure would be nice if India and China can take over propping up all those regimes and countries so we no longer have to. They should go the additional step of forming their own defensive pact like NATO. It would also be great if Saudi Arabia has to come to the defense of an attack on Ethiopia, and vice versa.

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Be careful what you wish for:

Alongside the cumbersome and arrogant military clamor of NATO, which wields lethal military power in terms of weaponry and troop superiority in some cases on landscape of Western Europe, there is a possible rival: the slowly but methodically maturing “BRICS” organization,created by five member states to associate their major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This commentary will attempt to give a limited but serious reflective view of the military power that BRICS may or may not process in the contemporary modern world.

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Why do I need to be careful? That is EXACTLY what I stated I wanted. There was no sarcasm in my post.

While you apparently see such a defensive pact as a threat, I see it as a blessing. Ponder on that a bit and you might realize why.

There was in mine - a defensive BRICS pact is never going to happen. It just sounds good as do a lot of things BRICS say.

Interesting what they are going to come up with later this month