BRICS slowly moving ahead

As the USA binges on debt the BRICS are slowly getting their act together

BRICS nations asked the bloc’s specially created bank to provide guidance on a how a potential new shared currency might work, including how it could shield other member countries from the impact of sanctions such as those imposed on Russia.

Might not be a currency but a payments system at first. Gold may also play a part.

Interesting tidbit at the end of the article:
“The gathering is a precursor to an Aug. 22-24 summit of BRICS heads of state currently scheduled for Johannesburg. South Africa is considering switching the venue to another nation, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that would resolve its dilemma over whether to execute an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for Putin if he travels to the country.”


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Brazil? Russia? India? China? South Africa?

Yep, those are 5 horses I’d put all my money on.


Even Russia doesn’t want Indian Rupees.


All the five countries you mentioned hold large amounts of gold!

I think that the idea is not to be tied to one country’s currency having seen the sanctions imposed by the USA on the dollar payments system.