brief article on BOFI

The Fool has a brief article on BOFI from Jason Hall about the stock potentially doubling over the next year.

I know Saul no longer holds BOFI, but a bunch of folks on this board do. I don’t mean to start any “off topic” discussions, and I don’t think this should as there’s really no new info here. I’m just posting it for those folks that would like to look at the article.…

He owns shares of BOFI so of course it’s a favorable article. He feels the biggest potential catalyst is the current short interest near 40% against the backdrop of earnings growth north of 30% every quarter for years now. He also has some graphs that show just how cheap the stock price has gotten compared to the mega banks.

A couple quotes from the article, no new info, but good to remember since I also currently own shares:

…none of the allegations against BofI Holding have held water so far, and the bank has continued to generate remarkable growth and profits…the bank also disclosed a significant amount of information about its loan portfolio on its most recent earnings call, giving a much clearer picture of the relatively low-risk nature of its loan business…here’s the big one: On a price-to-book value multiple, the best measure of a bank’s per-share value, BofI Holding shares have become as cheap as megabanks that are more than 50 times bigger than it is…

If you want to see the article about the information about its loan portfolio, you can see it here:…


I own BOFI too foodles.
Here’s hoping that those nasty allegations are groundless.