Brightline Begins Construction High Speed Rail LA to Las Vegas Due 2028 repost


(Brightline Begins Construction High Speed Rail LA to Las Vegas Due 2028)

Brightline West to Launch Field Work and Begin Hiring Workers

The Brightline West project is getting closer to groundbreaking on the high-speed line from Las Vegas to Southern California. After being awarded $3 billion from the Federal Railroad Administration in December, Brightline West has announced it’s launching field investigation work in Nevada. They are also beginning to recruit workers to construct the high-speed line, anticipating 11,000 hires to build the 218-mile high-speed line. If the project can begin construction soon, they hope to be finished in time for the 2028 Olympics, which are being hosted in Los Angeles.

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Since we have talked to much about intercity high speed rail transport on this board, I think it is a good place for it.


Another good place is LA to San Francisco, maybe with a spur to Sacramento. But that route got sold to a group of idiots/con men that have wasted untold sums of money to accomplish next to nothing.