Britsh Telecom job losses

AI replacing humans

BT is to slash up to 55,000 jobs by the end of the decade, with around 10,000 set to be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI).

Anyone who has suffered at trying to deal with BT will be all for this - it can’t be any worse :slight_smile:

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I’m sure this is what the far future is going to be like. What I cannot decide yet is if this is the near future, or if this is companies getting ever excited at the prospects of AI too early. In other words, will this be a sock puppets moment for AI?

I’m not sure, but as a long suffering customer I’m sure it will be an improvement

Unfortunately went bankrupt by its own admission yesterday. The obit was kind of gibberish but basically the plug was pulled. The entire fiasco made millionaires out of billionaires.

Zuckerberg was quoted saying earlier today in the news, “I gave mine away as useless two years ago”.

AI will be buried in a mass unmarked grave near a cyber moment on your monitor.