BRK beats S&P again

If you would have invested $3000 in BRK back in 2020, it would be worth just over $4000 today…doc

Berkshire class A shares opened in 2020 at roughly $341,150. As of market close on Feb. 27, shares traded around $461,912, which amounts to a gain of roughly 35.4% in a little more than a three-year period. That means $3,000 invested at the very beginning of 2020 would be worth about $4,062 right now.

The S&P 500 opened 2020 at about 3,244 and closed on Feb. 27 at about 3,982, which equates to a gain of about 23%. So once again, investing in Berkshire would have been the better pick.


In retrospect, there were some great buying opportunities after the beginning of 2020. I bought some BRK.b on 3/16/20 around $180 and again on 3/23/20 around $163. I’ve done pretty well on those shares, now around $312. I’ve got even more money indexed as well, so I’m certainly not against indexing.