Year End Book Value

Barrons takes a stab at it:

Berkshire Hathaway Had a Strong 2022. What to Watch in 2023. | Barron’s (

Relevant piece:
We estimate that book value declined about 8% to $315,000 per class A share in 2022. The largest contributor to that decline was an estimated drop of more than 15% in Berkshire’s equity portfolio as Apple (AAPL), the largest holding at $115 billion or 40% of the portfolio, was off about 27% in 2022.

1.47 x Barron’s estimated book value.
1.34 x peak book value.


look for a large hit of maybe a few billion I think on Japanese yen market to market for Yen debt. Maybe Hurricane hit as well.

Still BRK may have record annual profits excluding investment gains and losses.

I assume with higher rates on cash that 2023 may still be better in spite of GDP slowdon on horizon.